I'm back

>> Saturday, February 28, 2009

I have been very busy this week. I was not aware of it until I looked at my last post. It was dated February 24. I wasn't able to visit my friends' page (I'm sorry for the late tags). My karma went down (I miss plurking with my buddy jay!). I really miss my online social life.

The field work for the audit is still on going but will soon end this Tuesday. The schedules are all done, except for some. Our mother company in Japan is asking for some documents and reports which we have to provide in an instant, as if I graduated from Hogwarts School and could do magic (what a pressure Mr. Makino! pressure!). Got to shop for kuya's list of things that I would send to him. Attended the supplier's meeting last Friday. Attend to friends' needs and listen to their sentiments (hahaha!).

I thought being single means you have time for everything and for everyone, I was wrong :)


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