I want Jollibee Ate

>> Saturday, February 28, 2009

The little rascal Brent is asking me for a Jollibee Doll yesterday morning. He already got the one in the original costume, now he wants the one in a Barong Tagalog. He told me to get him that as his birthday gift. I told him its too early for his birthday but as usual he keeps on insisting that I should get him one. He would not let go of me until I say yes. Smart kid he is, he knows I would be late for work if I still don't give him my answer. I finally give in, the spoiler in me promised the little boy to buy him a Jollibee doll, too bad I have to buy his younger brother too or else Jollibee would be cut into two. Hmm I am a spoiler, and that kid really know how to release the spoiler in me by giving me kisses before going to work.


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