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>> Saturday, February 21, 2009

I got the role of being a love counselor last night. A very special girlfriend was having a hard time with her boyfriend of one year. I saw her crying at the pantry while talking to May. I knew right there in there that there was a problem but I never thought it would be a heart problem.

She was very hesitant at first to tell me what it is all about. She knew that I never approved of that guy before and until now she knew that I still have reservations for his boyfriend. Maybe she was afraid that I may give biased opinions. But then later she started to tell me and May about it.

I listened to her sentiments, I let her talk and burst out all her hidden emotions. That’s all I could do, listen because I’m not sure if I could give her the right advice that she needs. I’m not confident that I could help her in a way that I should. I understand her sentiments and I think she’s not demanding like what her insensitive boyfriend says. Forgive my words but insensitive is the right words to describe her boyfriend.

I just opt to tell her to talk with her boyfriend heart to heart. I told her that relationships really pass through that phase, even friendship. Sometimes familiarity could breed insensitivity and later on neglect because we became too confident that he or she would just always be there. I told her that it’s about time to renew their commitment to each other, re-orient their selves on what to expect onto each other as girlfriend and boyfriend and what to give in return. Entering into relationship needs constant care and nourishment.

Don’t expect love to be the same as when you first got hold of it, it doesn’t remain constant if you would not take good care of it. If we take it for granted it may find someone that would nourish it and never let it go.

I brought her home after that, I hope I shed some light on her. I hope she and her boyfriend would be okay. I hope I would never see her cry again. Love is really complicated. I really got too much overwhelmed by my role that I forgot I also need one. I was too much busy telling her to get rid of her tears and I forgot that mine are falling too.


chubskulit February 21, 2009 at 3:19 PM  

Ang galing naman ni Dr. Pau hehehe..

Hey sis, if I were you ipapadomain ko yung bago mong blog.. mas madami kasing opps pag domain.. anyway, just a thought..

Mye February 23, 2009 at 8:53 PM  

wow! love doctor indeed! =)

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