A Friend's Prayer

>> Friday, February 6, 2009

A very dear friend sent me this prayer. I would like to share this to all my friends as a sign of my gratitude and appreciation. I would like to thank them for coming into my life. Some might have leave and don't remember anymore but memories would always and forever stay in my heart. For those who have stayed, I promise to build more memories with you.

For my blogging friends, some are my friends even before I got into blogging and some became my friends because of blogging although it seems like we were friends for a long time. Especially to my special blogging friends, my blogging mentor Kathy (I love you mare!), George, for our secret and more secrets to come (miss you!), Memae (Bakla, I miss you!), Rose my blogging sister together with his hubby Joops, Claire one of my first friends outside the country (I hope you find JB soon), Mommy Dharlz (I admire you for your advocacy) Eds, Mye and Peach (I love you three!), Leonila, Brigitte and Warrior of Love who follow my blog and the ever amiable Amy who never get tired of visiting me

I share this to them as my simple valentine gift along with my promise of a lifetime friendship.

Dearest Father up above
This prayer is for all the friends that I love
Some are near
And some are far
But Almighty Father
No matter where they are
Watch and keep them safe
Through each day and night
I pray that you bless them
And their loved ones abundantly
For they are special to me


amiable amy February 7, 2009 at 2:22 PM  

ohhh....you are so sweet Pau, thanks for the prayer...i am so touch with this gestures

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