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>> Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I was watching a magazine show last time. It features an eighty year old lady and a seventy plus year old grandfather who still studied basic computer education despite their age. I was even surprised that the lady has a facebook account where she tracks her long lost friends and relatives. I just created my facebook account this week, because I was curious that she still enjoys it in spite of her age. I really admire her perseverance to adapt with the new technology. I think she would enjoy! It is a Free Senior Chat site where in senior users around the world meet and exchange chats. It offers free membership upon sign up at their site. It is guaranteed that senior users would enjoy communication with different persons around the world. It is a way where they can meet new friends without leaving the premises of their home. Since they are seniors their time and energy to go out would be limited and their chance of meeting new friends would also be lessen. But with the help of, they would be able to build new friendships and even relationship with people of their same age bracket. With the help of computer and their webcam, they could explore the site and look for persons in which they share the same interests. They said that growing old is lonely but with the help of sites like this, growing old could be fun.


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