New chair for Boss

>> Monday, February 2, 2009

Boss is starting to complain about his executive chair. He got me a new mission, find him a new leather executive chair. I was lucky to find, a new online retailer of all kinds of office chairs that was just launched recently . They have a wide range of leather office chairs that you can choose from. The site is very informative in choosing the right office chair, it aims to let you choose the office chair that would make the employees comfortable so that they would be productive in their work. I guess that's why they call it because definitely the ergonomically designed chairs makes you sit better. They provide the best deals and prices for the chairs that they offer. You would not worry about shipping of your ordered chairs because they can ship everywhere. One thing nice about it is that the company is family owned so they provide more warm accommodations for your orders and inquiries. I'm sure after we purchase the new leather chair for him from I would never hear him complain again about his aching back. I wonder if he ever admit that it is more because he is aging :)


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