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>> Saturday, February 7, 2009

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Due to the pressures of work I forgot that it has been a year since I started blogging. February 04, 2008. I remember that I started to blog because of the encouragement of my good friend Kathy. She has been very supportive that's why I love her so much! (love you mare!). Because of blogging I gained new friends in and out of the country. I learned new things and appreciate more.

Since I started blogging I changed my templates three times before finally settling to my current template. I got my Cbox months later and guess from whom came my first message? Of course Kathy :) Then came my other friends.

I owe my blog a lot. It helped me healed from something. The main reason why I started blogging was trying to heal the broken me. I considered it as my friend who patiently listen to all my sentiments and pains that I cannot burst out to my friends. After a year, I was able to bounce back and picked-up the broken pieces but only to be broken again LOL! And now my blog helped me not only in my emotional stresses, with the help of few opps, I was able to earn extra bucks aside from being an 8-5 slave LOL!

Happy Belated Blogsary to me :)


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