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>> Saturday, February 7, 2009

Traveling to our mother company in Japan and our other affiliate companies around the world is such a privilege. I envy my co-workers who traveled to SMIC several times. I remember one of the operators who went to Japan to undergo training of manual winding of solder wire. If I only knew it I applied for an operator rather than my position! Just joking of course! I hope boss would send me to a conference or training probably so I could use the privilege that the company is offering. But I think boss would like to see me every day and he doesn’t want me out of his sight. He would miss peeking at my monitor and looking if I am really working or just posting something at my blog. He thought I don’t know that! I caught him many times seeking at the back door of the president’s office and trying to get a glimpse of my desk from the glass window. Sorry for him, I don’t do that. When it comes to work, I work straight and all pure work! Okay I admit sometimes I take a peek, but it is just a peek (“,) never the less having a new Wheeled Carry On Luggage is something that runs into my mind. I happen to pass by this red luggage that I saw in a site last night while surfing the net. The site got a various styles to choose from, from luggage to Briefcases .But definitely this style caught my attention. Very elegant and sophisticated. I fell in love with the red colored Italian leather plus it comes with a push button locking handle system and durable skate wheels. It is very durable which I think should be the first consideration in buying a luggage so all your personal belongings is safe while traveling even your very sensitive gadgets like cameras and players. I hope boss would consider sending me for training if he would new that I got a new luggage. Hmm if he does that I would not mind buying a matching Carry-On Luggage


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