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>> Saturday, February 21, 2009

I seldom wear a watch but I adore them so much. I wear them only on special occasions because I am afraid that my watch would depreciate early. I often surf the net on new watches and watches on sale. I came across this Wrist Watches from thewatchery.com. Thewatchery.com sells brand name luxury watches at discounted price. They also got designer watches at a price you never thought you could get. This Blue Speedmaster from Omega really captures my attention. First because it bears my favorite color which is blue, I’m sure it would complement my office attire very well. The leather strap gives that not so formal look yet very classy and elegant. The case is made of stainless steel so it is very much durable. It got luminous dial so even in the dark I could keep track of the time, my eyes are not functional in the dark so it would benefit me well. Being water resistant up to 100 meters is also one of the factors why I love it. As we know water is the greatest enemy of watches. I am very much clumsy and forgetful, I might slip my self in the office fountain while wearing this or I might forget removing it while washing my coffee mug at the pantry. I must not forget that this watch is set with diamonds. Diamonds are girl’s best friend aren’t they? Maybe that is why it really captures my attention. The diamonds around the wrist watch’s face really prompted me to call 1-866-843-9282 the number where I could reach thewatchery.com. I forgot to look at the price tag of this beautiful watch. It cost nearly $5000! I put down the phone very much disappointed and told to myself that I must first work over and double time so I could finally get hold of that watch. Or maybe I can be very lucky to win the lottery draw.


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