Passionate Blogger Award

>> Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This award came from Joops, my sis Rose's hubby who passionately loves his wife and we do share one passion which is baking/cooking. Thank you very much Joops! :) and also the ever Amiable Amy tagged me with this. Thank you so much Sis for appreciating my work and my friendship.

The Rules: 1.) Put the logo in your post. 2.) Write 5 things you are passionate about aside from blogging. 3.) Tag 5 people on your lists and let them know you tagged them.

My Passions:

1. Reading... reading... and reading
2. Baking
3. my work, I always put my heart into it.
4. Making new friends via blogging
5. Drinking! LOL!

Now I give this award to my co-passionate blogger friends who like me found passion in blogging.

I give this to Kath, Peach, Memae, Mye, George, Claire and all who are in my list.


peppermayo February 5, 2009 at 2:53 PM  

bakla! amy gave you one too...but i tagged you rin...check it out; miss you! mwah!

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